The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Just 4 Weeks

A proper diet plays an important role in not just maintaining a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. For different situations, you need different diet plans, and that has to be decided based on various factors like environment, weather, physical structure, etc.

There are diet plans for weight loss, for pregnant women, for kids suffering from malnutrition and many others. But one case that for which diet plan is searched the most on the internet is weight loss.

Obesity- The Horrible Demon:

Obesity is the most common problem that people are facing these days. Just working out rigorously is not the only solution to get toned down. It is important to have a good diet plan that can help you in reducing your weight.

There are some specific things that you need to avoid when you are trying to lose down. Some of the things are that you should avoid salt after 7:30 pm. You should also restrict yourself from consuming items such as aerated drinks, banana, mangoes, rice, potato and artificial juices.

For weight loss, it is ideal to consume food every 2 hours. Here is an ideal diet plan for four week’s practice.


· Start your morning with lemon and honey with Luke warm water. There are many cases when the lemon water may not suit you, and you may feel nausea. If this is the case, then you can try consuming lemon grass tea in the place of lemon water.

· After 2 hours, you can have one toast of brown bread with either fat-free butter or hung curd. You can add up a small portion of salad to it.

· Then again, after 2 hours have a fruit of your choice. But make sure that the fruit you are consuming should have not high calories due to high sugar content such as mangoes, banana, sweet potato, pineapples, avocados and dried fruits.


· Make sure to start your lunch again after 2 hours of your last food taken. Start with a small plate of salad. Your salad plate can consist of leaves such as spinach, coriander, basil, parsley and others. Also, it can have nuts and seeds such as almond, pumpkin seeds, and others. Along with this, you need to add some fiber, such as carrots, peas, cucumber, broccoli and similar items.

· After half an hour you can have either one wheat flour chapatti with one bowl dal or one brown bread sandwich filled with vegetables or lean chicken, or you can have one bowl of sprouts with fruits.

Post Lunch and Dinner:

· As lunch was a bit heavy so you can have your next turn after 3-4 hours. You can have 1 cup of milk or tea with two biscuits. Make sure that the biscuit that you are consuming should not have ingredients that can increase your calorie intake.


· After 2 hours, you can have a chapatti with vegetables. Some of the items that you can include are boiled whole eggs, leafy green vegetables, fishes such as salmon, cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and others, chicken breast, legumes and beans.

· After 2 hours, now again you can have salad or stew or soup 2 hours before going to bed.

Apart from this, you need to intake at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Also to get faster and better results, it is very important to have half an hour of aerobics at least three times a week.

What Cancer is like in Panama

Cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in the Western world. Although Cancer is primarily a disease of the elderly with more than 60% of deaths from cancer occurring in those over the age of 65, cancer can strike even the youngest of children. Cancer appears to occur when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells to divide too rapidly. Carcinomas can develop in almost any tissue or organ, such as the lung, colon, breast, skin, bones, or nerve tissue.

Most common sites are:

*Prostrate 24%.

*Breast 13%.

*Lung 13%.

*Colon and Rectum 9%.

*Bladder 3%.

*Uterus 2.5%.

The cause of Cancer is believed to be a combination of genetic factors and outside carcinogens such as tobacco, viruses, infection, asbestos, vinyl chloride, inappropriate diet. But sometimes cancers start in places where it does not cause any symptoms until cancer has grown quite large. Pancreatic cancers, for example, do not usually grow large enough to be felt from the outside of the body.

Treatment of Cancer in Panama.

Cancer can be treated by a number of methods and therapies. Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy and new treatments like Cyber Knife Radiosurgery are some of the procedures used in the treatments of cancer.

With state of the art facilities and low cost, cancer treatment in Panama attracts a large number of medical tourists from across the world. Almost all big hospitals in Panama provide cancer treatment. Besides, the high success rate of cancer treatment in Panama is a major factor in bringing medical tourists.

Blood cancer.

Blood cancer or Leukemia is the cancer of the blood or bone marrow and is characterized by an abnormal reproduction of blood cells (usually white blood cells). However, Leukemia is a broader term which incorporates a spectrum of diseases. This is a malignant form of blood- formulating organs.Treatment of Cancer in Panama:

Blood cancer is rather a cluster of cancers developed in the blood cells, and therefore the patients with leukemia require special treatment. The special cancer centers can only meet those special needs. The treatment of blood cancer is a complete program which the patients have to follow to achieve best results.

This Include:

1. Chemotherapy: is the first method to destroy those leukemia cells by the usage of anti-cancer drugs.

2. Interferon therapy: is effective to slow down the rate of reproduction of the leukemic cells and helps the immune system to build sufficient anti- leukemia activity.

3. Radiation therapy: this therapy is effective to kill cancer cells with the process of exposure to high- energy radiations.

4. Stem Cell Transplantation: This procedure is required to enable treatment with high doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

5. Surgery: The surgery is performed for the removal of an enlarged spleen or to install a venous access device to give medications and withdraw blood samples.

Being diagnosed with any cancer is a life-altering situation, and of course, it requires careful thinking and planning. While going to Panama is cost-effective, it can also be quite daunting to think of going to a totally different country for treatment. But if you are well informed and know what exactly to expect once you are there, then it can be quite a pleasant trip.

7 Ways Healthcare Industry Will Change

Pharmacy will play a colossal part in forming the always ever evolving healthcare scene. With such a variety of instabilities in healthcare today, it’s difficult to foresee what the eventual fate of healthcare will hold. In any case, one viewpoint is sure: pharmacy will assume a gigantic part in molding the continually developing scene.

Express Scripts as of late released a report about the 7 ways healthcare will change by 2017. The report plots the accompanying seven patterns driving the healthcare scene this year.

Shift from Volume to Value: Plans and PBMs will keep on placing more prominent accentuation on driving worth and patient results. There are a few ways pharmacy can impact an esteem based model, both clinically and monetarily.

Dramatic Cost Inflation: Drug costs have achieved perilously abnormal states. Best-in-class associations are not taking the secondary lounge on this issue; rather they are effectively elevating progresses that contain costs – especially those that adjust clinical development with supportability.

High-tech Healthcare: As the most broadly utilized advantage, pharmacy can convey an innovative and high-touch encounter that today’s patients request. Astute arrangement patrons are putting forth remote and advanced pharmacy arrangements, for example, telehealth, remote checking, portable applications, home conveyance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as an approach to constantly achieve patients where they are and virtualize pharmacy.

Power of Consumerism: Consumers assume a dynamic part in pharmacy basic leadership. Plans that influence methodologies, for example, instructive projects, model administration, cost-sharing and more can drive customer engagement, expand esteem and lower costs.

Impacts of an Aging Population: Many seniors experience the ill effects of more than one complex condition, visit a few doctors and take an assortment of pills, which can prompt to risky medication associations and different entanglements. Pharmacy assumes a crucial part with regards to helping a developing populace of maturing patients oversee and enhance their conditions

Effect of Mega Health Systems: Due to the monstrous measure of corporatization crosswise over healthcare hones, rivalry will diminish and conceivably swell costs – making home healthcare more attractive for patients. Pharmacy is not resistant to this pattern.

Move from Population to Personalized Health: To deliver the most ideal results, you require exact, continuous information and bits of knowledge – and pharmacy information is frequently viewed as the best indicator of a patient’s health. Utilizing pharmacy information to settle on more astute healthcare choices will be basic as the business hopes to enhance clinical results while bringing down expenses.

Software to Improves Healthcare and Disease Control

This asset permits restorative experts and scientists to track, recover and use important information in the battle to control malady and give better healthcare results when all is said in done. Software additionally assumes a urgent part in following methodology and utilizing charging strategies that decrease printed material levels, as well as permit specialists to utilize this information to enhance nature of care and all around effectiveness. Specialists report that they are getting gigantic advantages from the drive toward an aggregate arrangement of electronic restorative records; patients appreciate the way that software has made a more prominent level of straightforwardness in the healthcare framework.

As we take a gander at every pattern revealed in the report, we are helped to remember the way that arrangement supports can’t be smug if they need to be aggressive. Presently, like never before, it is basic that arrangement supports have an accomplice to expect what’s next, explore change and understand the hardest healthcare challenges.

5 Fitness and Training Tips For Newbies

The benefits of exercise – prevention of illnesses like stroke and diabetes and weight loss – cannot be overemphasized to anybody who lives a sedentary life when an active life can be adopted!

You must, however, never tread lightly on exercise. The risk of physical injuries, which can worsen existing medical conditions and create new ones, is an ever-present threat. Safety precautions and style considerations must be taken.

1. First, consult your doctor about your level of physical fitness and the types of exercise he can recommend based on his medical evaluation.

This is especially true for those with major health risks like heart disease and asthma, males aged 45 and above as well as women aged 55 and above.

2. Start Slowly.

As the saying goes, don’t try and run before you can walk, and never more is this true than when you are beginning an exercise regime. Attempting too much in the early stages can lead to injuries and can be hard to stick to, going from no exercise to an hour or more a day can be tough to deal with. In the early days aim for around 20-30 minutes exercise a day and build up your fitness gradually. As your sessions become longer and more intense, you should build regular rest days into your exercise schedule.

3. Adopt A Cautious Approach

Whatever exercise you decide to do, you need to make sure you do it safely. If you are lifting weights or running for example, you need to ensure you have good form and sound technique. You need to know your limits and set your goals accordingly. Learn to listen to your body, and always stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Start lifting light weights and concentrate on your technique if you want to start strength training, If you decide to start running, then begin with some brisk walking and light jogging.

4. Exercise in style with the right exercise gear and clothes.

These should facilitate ease of movement during the exercise routines while providing for adequate protection against the elements and the exercise machines.

Start with choosing the right shoes, which should be appropriate for the type of exercise being undertaken. There are many athletic shoes available, and it is a good idea to consult a podiatrist and read up on information.

Choose clothes that flatter the figure and fit well while allowing for sweat to be absorbed. Keep in mind that function and comfort come first but fashion is also important to make you feel good about yourself. And don’t forget the appropriate underwear either.

5.Determine the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise that you wish to undertake to achieve your fitness goals.

A certified fitness trainer can assist in this matter. The type of exercise safety gear – helmets, pads, sunglasses, UV protection, etc. – will be determined by the above mentioned exercise factors.

In time, you will discover that exercise is all that it is cracked up to be. You will have a better physique and a happier mind set because exercise releases the “happy hormones” in all of us. And that alone should make us happy that we chose to lead active lives!

Specific types of makeup products to look forward to in 2017

world always manage to bring us something memorable. This year, big glitter joined smoky eyes, which highlighted important features of the make-up we will need in 2017:

Glitter for Eyes, Face and Body

Glitter is Big and Bold – not just touches of sheen but applied in lines and chunks. Don’t even attempt this look without a strong glitter glue or primer, or the fallout will drive you to distraction. Use only top cosmetic quality glitter to prevent skin irritation. If you want thick, dramatic lines, try it at home first, to make sure your primer is up to the task.

Have fun with red, turquoise, purple and yellow!

Dark lips using Non-drying Liquid Lipsticks

From lips entirely free of make-up to the lushest dark plum and goth-black, you can create a different look using the right
lipstick for each image. When you wear the trendy dark colors, choose your lipstick carefully as it can be quite messy. Non-drying liquid lipsticks deliver the best results when you need long-wearing looks in matte or gloss finishes. Look for full coverage with opaque color. Pay attention to the applicator tip – flat sponge tips are better for applying dark colors.

Precision Gel Liners for geometric eye detail

Definition without drying, flaking or streaking color is key to pulling off the daring new geometric eye makeup detail. Move over cat-eyes! Dots, lines and mini works of art make up the plucky new look. Gel liners won’t dry out, flake or smudge and it glides on without dragging or scratching. Precision is the secret, and you need richly pigmented color that is humidity- and sweat-resistant.

The No make-up make-up look with Photo-Optics

Moisture is the key to this new trend – and a good photo-optic formula to minimize blemishes and fine lines. You need flawless skin to pull this off, so now is the time to intensify your skin care routine to make sure you are ahead for 2017. This high-fashion look can be hard to pull off without proper preparation, so plan ahead to make sure you have a luminous appearance. Invest in the best foundation you can find and learn how to apply it with delicate strokes and perfect blending or forgo the foundation for a lightweight, non-settling highlighter with photo-optic technology.

Waxed Brow gels to finish your look

Experiment with different looks by accentuating your brows with darker brow fillers. Wax brow gels have the upper hand over powder as brow gels contain beeswax to obtain a polished look with perfect definition. Look for humidity and sweat resistant formulas that offer buildable color that will let you change your look from natural to sophisticated with just a few extra strokes. You need a quality brush to apply in layers using short, light strokes to trace the arch of your brow.

Make up Accessories You Can Not do Without

Wearing makeup for a woman and wearing it properly is hard work. They are constantly on the appearance out for cosmetic accessories and tools to assist us in getting the job done quickly, effective, and right the first time. Beginning over is just a hassle and takes more time than most of us have.

Like everything in life, makeup included if you need to do something properly, or professionally you need to have the proper tools to achieve your task. When it comes to makeup having the proper tools is imperative, don’t improvise and don’t substitute. Your appearance is worth a million dollars, by substituting or improvising your accessories you are, in fact, ruining the perfection of your makeup which will result in your effort going in wane.

What are the must-have makeup accessories on the market today? You are about to find out. Makeup accessories just make the chore of putting on makeup easier, faster, and altogether more enjoyable. At the same time, many of these accessories can travel with us whether traveling across town or the world.

Every Woman Must Have…

1. Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirrors come in several different types, sizes, shapes, and magnification. These are an essential tool in makeup application. While many of you will argue that you have a bathroom mirror, makeup mirrors are unique to eye makeup application. These mirrors are magnified to allow you to see completely what you are doing and best of all, many of them are transportable, enabling you to get the natural light or a different light than what you might have in your bathroom.

Makeup mirrors come in many different sizes from the integrated ones within your actual makeup or compact for quick access while out and about all the way to hand-held or lighted mirrors. Many women own many mirrors, some for travel and some for home, depending on their preferences.

2. Brushes

Ask any woman that wears makeup how many brushes they have and you will always get a different answer. The numbers of brushes you own depend on your preferences, as well as the makeup you wear. There are many types of brushes, but the most famous include:

* Lip
* Blush
* Eyeshadow
* Powder
* Concealer
* Foundation

3. Travel Accessories

Whether you are just going to your hometown or the other side of the world, travel makeup accessories are a necessity for all women. These allow you to take your tools with you, conveniently and easily, wherever you go, making sure you always have what you need for touchups. Some travel accessories to make sure you have are makeup bags, travel brushes, lipstick cases, travel mirrors, and other travel sized tools.

4. Hair clips

You will get various varieties of hair clips to beautify your hot selfies.

5. Killer jewelries

You will get numerous classic necklaces and earrings to try with your selfies.
You can to edit your images like Zoom-in, zoom-out, resize, rotate, crop, etc. You can also add personal effects like sepia, grayscale, black and white, etc. A makeup kit is also ready to enhance makeup style.

Your makeup accessories are just as important as your makeup itself. You should take the time to find the right accessories that work for you and remember, just because it works for someone else, does not mean it will work for you, so cater to yourself when choosing accessories.

As you might have seen that we haven’t focused or stressed on you buying the latest and most expensive accessories. Our focus has rather been on purchasing accessories that are useful and are important if you are looking to apply makeup. So the next time you are strolling down the mall doesn’t forget to pick up these accessories. I’m sure you will think they are well worth it.