Why Muay Thai Should Be Your First Self Defense Choice

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that has its origins in Thailand. Warriors and fighters prefer its techniques because they offer great power and efficiency. Additionally, the art focuses on raw simplicity and hence, an ideal choice for everyone notwithstanding the age bracket they belong to. Muay Thai is also known as the Art of Eight Limbs’ because its techniques involve the fists, elbows, knees, and legs.

The style offers tremendous benefits when applied in stand-up and full-contact fighting – a fighter using Muay Thai can switch between the available limb options and therefore deliver more effective strikes that are difficult for opponents to anticipate. There are several attributes of Muay Thai that makes it an ideal choice for people looking to hone their self-defense skills. For one, the art was developed to give fighters leverage over their opponents in situations where both fight on their feet. Street attacks and surprise ambushes are examples of situations that call for advanced self-defense skills.

Commonly, such fights require you to stand your ground and then struggle to overcome the opponent by striking with your limbs. With Muay Thai, students learn how to throw energetic punches and kicks in quick succession while anticipating opportunities for locking and subsequently subduing opponents. Its techniques come in handy when you need to free yourself from a mugger.

Due to its simplicity, Muay Thai Central is widely used as a base in Mixed Martial Arts training programs. It implies that the majority of instructors who offer martial arts lessons require their students to internalize the techniques in the art of eight limbs before moving on to advanced skills from other arts like the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses on techniques that are suited for ground fighting. Although its techniques are great for locking and pushing opponents into submission, the style is more beneficial for athletes who have their focus on winning tournaments than for people who want to better their chances against ill-intentioned attackers.

Muay Thai helps practitioners build confidence and better personalities by raising their awareness and concentration. Learning the art requires strong willpower. Practitioners have to endure long and strenuous workouts which, in return, strengthens and individual’s body, mind, and spirit. A strong mind is necessary for concentration during fights. Likewise, a strong spirit is better suited for making right decisions in the face of situations that evoke strong emotions. The art trains your person to anticipate danger and walk away from it when it is possible.

The workouts involved in Muay Thai will help tone your muscles while improving your physical appearance. According to psychologists, street robbers and muggers rarely pick on people who have athletic bodies because they too, fear being overpowered. It therefore follows that, having a great body is self-defense in itself. Students of the art begin witnessing significant results in body fitness after a mere four weeks of practice.

Anybody including aged people and children can learn the art of eight limbs. It is easy and non-exaggerated unlike some arts that require experience and a natural talent for flexibility. The amount of time it takes to internalize depends although the basics should not take longer than a month and a half.