5 Reasons Why Adults Should See The Orthodontist

Stereotypically, most people believe that getting braces is something for children and teenagers. While that’s true, braces and orthodontic care is for people of all ages. Even (and especially!) as adults, if we’re having problems with our bite or we’re just unhappy with the way our smile looks, it’s never too late to visit the orthodontist and consider going
through braces.

1. Your teeth move over time

Currently, more than 20 percent of brace-wearers are adults. If you’re in the customer service field, or in any general business setting, you cannot underestimate how important it is to smile – and look good while doing it! Smiling is an art, and one that some of us have learned is worth the investment to perfect.

When kids lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth grow in, they can come in crooked – however, even into your adult years, your teeth continue to move around. They might not be as straight as they were when you were young. Perhaps you’re getting a new job, or you’re still looking for a life partner, and you’ve noticed that your bite has gotten more crooked.

Or maybe you’ve always had crooked teeth, but your parents never paid for your braces. It’s never too late begin the process of restoring your smile – and your confidence!

3. Crooked teeth impact your oral health

Seeing the orthodontist for tooth adjustment isn’t always an aesthetic choice – an uneven bite can negatively affect your
oral health. Problems with your teeth will only grow worse as you get older, unless they are addressed soon.

Some of the health problems that can come up due to crooked teeth include: head- and earaches, problems speaking or eating, jaw pain, digestion problems (if you can’t chew food), increased risk for cavities and tooth rot, inability to brush your teeth and remove food bits, and rapid reduction in enamel.

3. Less-visible options are available

When you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’re probably self-conscious about opening up your mouth with wires and rubber bands sticking out. Having braces, you’re afraid, will make you look juvenile and goofy. While many adults choose to get traditional metal braces, many are opting for new, more aesthetic choices that are available.

Ceramic braces are a common choice among adults because they are clear or tooth-colored and blend in. Lingual braces are
attached to the back of your teeth so they don’t appear when you smile, but are more expensive. A set of clear aligner braces are a transparent mold fitted over your teeth like dentures – they conveniently remain unseen, and you can take them off for eating and brushing.

4. Braces are becoming more affordable

More than three decades ago, braces cost between $3,000 and $7,000. Today, even after inflation is calculated, those figures haven’t changed (factors also including your orthodontist’s rates, your insurance plans, any complications, etc.). Other types of braces, such as ceramics and linguals, will have higher costs ranging from $8,000 to $10,000. In the case that you’re in need of braces definitely get to your nearest Dental Clinic As soon as possible. Clear aligners are the most aesthetic and affordable of orthodontic options.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t cover orthodontic treatment for patients older than 18 years. Check with your
policy before beginning the orthodontic process, or you’ll have to pay out from
your pocket.

5. Many orthodontists provide no-cost consultation

Being a financially-minded adult, besides braces becoming economically more accessible, you can receive a free consultation from many orthodontists to discuss your treatment options, time frame, cost estimates, and so on. Some orthodontists will even conduct an x-ray and review of your medical history as part of the consultation, at no charge!