All About the Coronavirus and It’s Impact On the World

It has recently been called by medical experts the biggest global health threat in the history of the world. The Coronavirus has taken on a new persona which is getting the world’s attention quickly. It began in Shanghai China when the first person to get sick with symptoms and then later die. Others around the world took notice as China began to isolate and quarantine those who were believed to be positive. Testing began and China’s medical experts went to work on the new devastating virus that had turned their every day lives around. The next to notice the Coronavirus were cruise ships where passengers on board were also testing positive for the virus and had to port and be quarantined for up to 14 days.

As the world watched the Coronavirus spread, medical experts rushed to judgement as they searched to decipher how to treat and kill the virus. As weeks went by, a China passenger traveled to the United States of America and the virus was carried there. Other parts of the world like Italy came to a standstill which caused the entire country to go on lock down. Spain was also hit hard with the Coronavirus creating the devastation for loss of life. Entire countries were going into lock down mode in order to keep the Coronavirus from spreading. Major cities within the USA like California and New York began leading the charge by placing an order for people to stay at home. There were school closings, restaurant closings, business layoffs and other major closings that included the airline, shipping, transportation and other industries which brought the world to a grinding halt. Italy lost over six hundred lives in a twenty four hour period which showed the rest of the world that this virus must be given the respect it deserved. World class athletes testing positive for the Coronavialong with the NBA being shut down caused the world to stop joking about the matter and calling it a hoax.

With all of the closings, each country’s economy continues to take a toll as the stock markets came down 3000 points. Medical experts, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who are helping people without the use of adequate supplies, are sounding the alarm that their lives are being put in danger. The Coronavirus has come with a vengeance like the world has never seen. While many Americans have lived through the Ebola crisis and September 11, the Coronavirus has now come and made these other major event in history s seem like child’s play.

If there is any silver lining in all of this, it is that inevitably the virus will be treated and vaccines will be manufactured that will kill the virus. How long this will take is a guess. Medical experts are unsure and making it clear that this is serious and that guidelines must be followed. Another silver lining is about the amazing strength of the human spirit. The world has come together like never before. Federal, state and local governments are having to work together in order to fight this new found enemy of its people.